General Dentist Vs. Pediatric Dentist

When you are trying to choose a dentist for you family, finding one dentist for your whole family has a certain allure. On the other hand, a general dentist will work with patients of all ages and may not have their office setup to work with children. Thus, you might also consider having one dentist for younger children and a separate dentist for adults and older children in your family. 

Advantages of a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists and their staff receive specific training for working with children. Thus, when your children step into a pediatric dentist's office, they step into an environment that is purpose built with the needs of children in mind. For example, you should find a waiting room that is designed with plenty of options for entertaining a child's roaming curiosity. Your children should have books, TV shows, toys, video games, and/or toys that are chosen with the interests of children in mind. Everyone from the receptionist, to the file clerks, to the hygienists, to the dentists should understand the needs of children and like working with children. The bond your children form with their dentist can have an important impact on your children's developing dental hygiene, so finding a dentist that will help your children have a pleasant experience and cultivate a bond with your children is an important consideration.

General Dentist

The main attraction to a general dentist is that you only have to worry about making one stop to satisfy all of your family's dental needs. After all, caring for children's teeth is not that much different than caring for an adult's teeth. Thus, a dentist who works with people of all ages should provide your children with adequate care. 

Making Your Choice

When you choose your dentist, it might be a good idea to start with a general dentist and see how your children do. If your children get along with the dentist and hygienist, then continue going to your general dentist. On the other hand, if your children wreak havoc in the waiting room and get antsy in the exam area, it may be time to consider taking them to a pediatric dentist. 

While going to more than one dentist can be a hassle, helping your children to form strong habits of dental hygiene can serve as the foundation for dental health for years to come. Whether your children go to a general dentist or one that specializes in working with children, the key is to make sure that they are getting the kind of dental care and training that will help them to take good care of their teeth now and in the future.

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