Warding Off Bad Breath By Understanding It

The more you understand about the mouth and bad breath, the easier it will be for you to keep your breath smelling nice and fresh. Bad breath can cause you a lot of problems ranging from embarrassment to insecurities over being within close proximity to others. This guide may make it easier for you to keep bad breath away.

The mouth is moist and warm: Understanding that moist and warm places can make for more odors will help you see why the mouth can take a little work to stay fresh smelling. Imagine walking into a warm store on a humid day. The chances are good that this store may smell a little off unless there are things being done to freshen up the smell. Now, imagine walking into a cold building on a dry day. The chances are that you aren't going to notice any and odors unless the trash hasn't been taken out or someone left food sitting out.  Understanding how a moist warm environment can harbor bad smells can help you understand how the mouth can develop bad breath easily.

Food can get caught in your teeth: Your teeth provide food particles with lots of places to hide. When pieces of food get stuck in your teeth they can cause odors that come in the form of bad breath. Regular brushing and flossing can help, but sometimes you can miss something. Using a water pick once a day to really blast out the hard to reach areas is a good way to prevent the development of bad breath.

Your tongue needs attention just like your teeth do:  While you are brushing our teeth you don't want to forget about your tongue. Plaque and bacteria can also grow on it, and brushing it with a regular toothbrush won't cut it. You'll need to scrape the plaque and bacteria off with a tongue scraper that is intended for this purpose.

Bad breath can stem from stomach issues: If you know that you haven't eaten something known to cause bad breath like garlic or onions and you are doing all the right things with regards to your dental care, you can still end up with bad breath. If you have a sour stomach, too much acidity in your stomach or even a stomach bug, then it can result in you coming up with bad breath.

If you feel your bad breath is coming from your stomach, then you should see your doctor. However, it's also good to get in to see your dentist as well. They can give you extra tips on fending it off. If there may be dental causes, then the dentist can determine the reason and walk you through what you need to do to fight it off.

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