How to Regain Your Good Looks After Quitting Smoking

If you've recently quit smoking cigarettes, you've just significantly improved your quality of life in a way that will have lasting health benefits. Leaving tobacco in the dust is generally considered a difficult thing to do, and some say that nicotine cravings linger for years and that find themselves practicing constant vigilance against falling back into their cigarette smoking ways. 

One of the first things you should do after giving up cigarettes is taking measures to regain your good looks; this not only helps increase your overall sense of well being, but it will provide you with some necessary incentive for leaving tobacco strictly alone for the rest of your life. Here are just three ways to get started. 

Start a Serious Skin Care Regimen

Smoking dries out the skin and causes the premature development of fine lines and wrinkles. Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, limiting blood flow to the skin and depriving it the essential nutrients it needs in order to thrive. The skin's natural elasticity and strength is also damaged by the many chemicals found in cigarette smoke. The physical act of smoking also involves using the small motor muscles in the face, and this can contribute to the development of wrinkles.

A good hydrating skin care routine that also utilizes exfoliating agents can help minimize the damage caused by smoking. 

Start an Aerobic Exercise Program

Some people report gaining unwanted weight after they quit smoking. Beginning an aerobic exercise program immediately after stopping smoking for good will help cut down on cravings and helps clear out the lungs. Exercise will also decrease the chances of unwanted pounds creeping on. You don't have to join a gym in order to get aerobic exercise; a brisk walk around the park or around your neighborhood will do the trick. 

Get Your Teeth Whitened

Smoking tobacco results in sickly yellow stains on the teeth . In the case of long term smokers, these stains can include brown splotches and blotches. Your dental health professional will be able to work with you to devise a teeth whitening strategy that will erase all signs of your former habit from your teeth. You'll feel better about yourself every time you look into the mirror or when someone compliments you on your smile. Plus, in the event that you're tempted to pick up a cigarette, all you've got to do to resist temptation is flash that smile in the mirror and imagine it yellow again. 

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