Do You Have To Give Up On Veneers To Get Braces?

Braces and dental veneers: two dental appliances which, traditionally, don't match very well. The problem is that both veneers and braces cover the front of your teeth. Unfortunately, this has meant that people often give up on the idea of getting veneers and make their teeth look even worse in the short-term by getting braces. You don't have to do that. Here's how you can get both and have great looking teeth from start to finish.

Skipping Braces

For starters, you should know that standard metal braces and invisible braces don't mix well together. Your braces brackets would need to lock on to your physical tooth in order to shift it into position, so attaching a bracket to a veneer won't work.

Invisible braces can sometimes be used with veneers, but it depends on your teeth. If your tooth is too thick with the veneer on it, invisible braces won't work. But not to worry: the best method for straightening your teeth works perfectly with veneers.

Veneer and Braces Combo

What you need to do is to get veneers and sublingual braces. Sublingual braces work just like metal braces, and have brackets and wires that push and pull your teeth into position. They're also perfect for changing the alignment of your jaw, so if you have an underbite or overbite, don't worry about it.

The thing about sublingual braces is that they're mounted to the back of your teeth. Veneers are only mounted to the front. This means that the two can easily co-exist.

Veneers First

If you're thinking of getting this combination done to your teeth, you should get your veneers put on first.

Dental veneers add a thin layer of porcelain to the front of your teeth. Once they're on, the shape of some of your teeth may change slightly. This is actually a good thing, as part of what veneers excel at is correcting the shape of abnormal teeth, like those that have been worn down by fingernail biting. You'll want your orthodontist to be able to see the new shape of your teeth so that they can integrate that into how they're going to adjust your teeth with braces.

With this method, you can vastly improve the look of your smile right now and not have to give up on having your teeth permanently straightened. Let veneers give you the white, bright, and symmetrical appearance you want, and contact a cosmetic dentistry clinic such as Pike Dentistry today.

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