How To Deal With Teeth Whitening Like A Pro

When folks worry about the whiteness of their teeth, they often reach straight for one of the numerous over-the-counter solutions they see advertised on TV and the internet every day. There's actually a much better resource you should take advantage of. Paying a visit to your dentist and dental hygienist may help you save a ton of money and see that the job is done the right way. These three teeth whitening solutions are ones that the professionals will encourage you to try first.

How About a Good Cleaning?

A regularly scheduled teeth cleaning is supposed to be in your future anyhow. Before you get too worked up about the whiteness of your chompers, it might be worth seeing how much progress can be achieved with a cleaning. Plague often builds up on teeth, and it can become stained, particularly if you consume a lot of coffee, tea or soda. Folks who haven't had a cleaning in the last year are likely to see visually impressive results just from getting a cleaning.

Get a Better Toothbrush

As previously noted, insufficient cleaning of plaque off the teeth is a major source of discoloration. It's best to meet the problem head-on, and that starts with making sure you have the right tools. If brushing with a standard toothbrush isn't accomplishing what you require, a mechanical model may be worth a try. This will ensure dental surfaces are properly polished after each brushing.

Professional Whitening

Peroxide is generally the preferred chemical that's used in most whitening agents. Whether you're talking about a whitening toothpaste or those strips that are applied to your teeth, the active ingredient is probably peroxide.

Here's the catch: there is no OTC product on the market today that has a concentration of peroxide sufficient to do the job. They are not applied for sufficient amounts of time, and that limits the level of whitening that you'll reach. OTC options are useful for maintaining whiteness, but they won't get the job done if you're looking at serious discoloration.

Talk with your hygienist and explain to them what your concerns are. They'll then point you toward a professional solution that will deliver results.

A professional session should cost about $500. If your teeth aren't particularly discolored, you may only need one visit. Your dentist or hygienist will then explain in detail the ways you can maintain your brand-new and pearly-white smile.

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