Crossbites Can Be Fixed

A crossbite is one of the most common forms of dental misalignment. If you have a crossbite, you may have heard a dentist mention it during your appointment. The good news? You are not out of options. This is what you should know about fixing your crossbite and maintaining a healthy smile.

What Does a Crossbite Look Like?

A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth can fit inside the lower teeth. This often occurs in the front of the mouth, but it can also occur in the back or large groupings of teeth. You may have noticed that your teeth do not line up perfectly when you smile in the mirror, prompting you to wonder if there is something wrong with your teeth.

This issue is typically linked to genetics or permanent teeth that can grow in strangely. It can also be related to habits like sucking one's thumb. This can push the teeth out of place and even cause disruptions in jaw bone development.

Do You Need to Fix a Crossbite?

You should consider treatment for a crossbite. The sooner you receive treatment for this condition, the better. Your treatment will help you straighten your teeth. This serves a purpose beyond the cosmetic, allowing you to take better care of your teeth through flossing and brushing. Crossbites can result in a shifting jaw, lopsided jaw development, and poor dental hygiene. When your teeth do not have the right bite, you ultimately lack access to clean your teeth completely.

How Does a Dentist Fix a Crossbite?

Dentists use many devices to fix a crossbite. Initially, some of these options may feel uncomfortable. Your teeth will become more comfortable as your jaw changes to suit your treatment plan. In some cases, dentists recommend using a palate expander. This tool expands the upper jaw. You will see that your upper teeth seem to expand outward so they have a bite more even with your bottom teeth.

In some cases, braces and clear aligners are also helpful. Braces are a common option to straighten the teeth and jaw, and you will see changes throughout all of your teeth, not just in the shape of your jaw.

Call Your Dentist Today to Learn More

If you think you have a crossbite, you should talk to your family dentist. Set up an appointment with your dentist today to learn more about your options for addressing your crossbite and working toward a healthier, happier smile.

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