4 Primary Causes Of Teeth Discoloration In Kids And Reasons To Consider Dental Cleaning Services

Tooth staining in kids is a major dental issue where teeth lose their original white tone and become discolored. As a parent, these teeth changes might concern and stress you. However, understanding tooth discoloration in depth helps alleviate your concerns. That's because you'll get to know the numerous reasons a child's teeth change color and how visiting a dentist might solve the problem. This article discusses the potential causes of teeth discoloration in kids and the benefits of dental cleaning services.

1. Accident or Trauma 

A single tooth that suddenly becomes darker may indicate dental trauma. Possibly your kid fell while playing outdoor or hit her tooth on a firm surface, and you did not give it much attention since the child appeared alright. However, a few days later, the tooth can start turning grayish or dark due to the damage caused. At this point, you should visit a dentist to examine the tooth and find out the most appropriate treatment. Dental cleaning might solve the problem if the tooth is not severely damaged.

2. Poor Teeth Brushing Practices

Your child should floss and brush regularly to prevent the development of plaque and stains. That's important because if plaque is not removed frequently, it becomes tartar, a thick yellow or brown material. Unfortunately, simple brushing and flossing techniques are not enough to eliminate this tartar, and only a dentist can clean the affected teeth.

3. Using Certain Medicines

Your kid's teeth may develop black, grey, or yellow stains due to prescription medicines or iron supplements. Additionally, frequent medication use might increase the likelihood of a child's teeth discoloration or staining. If your kid uses certain medicines that might make your child's teeth stain, it is important to visit a dentist immediately for dental cleaning.

4. Food and Beverage Stains

The foods and beverages consumed by your kids might discolor their teeth. That's because the external layer of dental enamel is porous and might absorb colors from meals and beverages, particularly sauces and other extremely dark-colored foods. Regular dental cleaning and flossing are recommended to prevent and eliminate dental stains. However, not all stains might be eliminated through normal teeth brushing at home. Therefore, you should visit a dentist to clean the teeth and restore their original white color.

Now that you know the probable causes of tooth discoloration and stains, you need to seek dental cleaning services. Remember to maintain oral hygiene through daily flossing, brushing, and giving your kid less acidic and sugary foods. Moreover, you must plan a visit to a dentist to discuss your child's oral health and seek dental cleaning services.

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